Four generations of new home builders
in Scottsdale, AZ

It's not about us, but it is worth knowing our story...

established 1948

The Nanke Builders

Soon after returning home from WWII, Donald Nanke had the vision to move out west and create a company that could design and build creatively inspired and masterfully crafted homes in Arizona. He partnered with his father-in-law and investor, Carroll Madole and his brother-in-law and renowned architect, Howard Madole. Together, the partners purchased 10 acres of land in Sedona and began their first enclave of speculative homes. The project proved successful and the team was called upon for larger projects throughout the state.

In 1954, Donald moved his family to Prescott while Howard served a residency at Taliesin West, where he worked alongside Frank Lloyd Wright. When the partners rejoined, Howard was eager to roll out a new line of affordable houses that were practical for the average, middle-class American during the years of the great residential expansion. The two had great success in Prescott and expanded into Phoenix, in the area now known as Arcadia.

Throughout the 1960's and 70's, Don's sons John and Todd Nanke worked alongside their father, grandfather, and uncle learning the business and skills of each trade. Todd, then an adept finish carpenter, showed interest and excelled in architectural design under the tutelage of his uncle. John worked closely with his father and honed his knowledge and skill as a journeyman mason. The two showed great promise and were the perfect balance to take over the same structure originally formed in the partnership between Don and Howard.

In 1975, John joined the Marine Corps and served six years as a Helicopter Crew Chief on HMX1. During that time, he studied business and later received his degree in Liberal Arts. Upon returning home, John took over the company as the New President and General Contractor of then, Nanke Construction. He and his brother Todd worked closely together building the company into one of the most renowned luxury home, design-build firms in Arizona.

Today, Nanke Signature Group is headed by John and his son Jared Nanke. As the fourth generation owner, Jared has built out the business to include a number of new divisions, and he continues to innovate and improve the process and product that their company offers. It is his passion to grow his family's business and to uphold the reputation that this elite family of professionals first earned seventy years ago on that ten acres in Sedona.

Custom Home Builders

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Awarded and recognized for superior architecture, construction, & service

Over the 70 years that Nanke Signature Group has earned the distinction as one of the finest home builders in Arizona, we've been awarded and recognized for our creative architectural designs, dedication to quality craftsmanship, and superior service. As a passionate collaborative of custom home builders and designers, we're proud when our team receives acknowledgment for their dedication to excellence and hard work. At Nanke Signature Group we're continually pushing ourselves and striving to outdo our own expectations. We aim to be on the cutting edge of superior home design and construction, coupled with an unparalleled commitment to client care and satisfaction.